Monthly Memberships

Personalized Program Membership: A personalized exercise program is created for your individual needs and physical capabilities. Members can participate in our open gym hours to complete their program with a Certified Personal Trainer on site to answer any questions you may have.  

Registered Exercise Progams: We offer a wide variety of different types of fitness programs for those of all interests! See our small group training schedule for all of the classes we have to offer. All ages and abilities are welcome!


Slow Flow

A yin yoga practice that focuses on restoration and relaxation of the mind, body and spirit. This specific type of yoga practice helps to become more in tune with the body, relieve stress and improve flexibility & mobility. Come try out a class!

H.I.I.T Fit

A high intensity interval training class that incorporates full body movements where you perform an exercise for a certain period of time then take a short rest break in between. This class will ensure to increase your heart rate, put on a good sweat and have some fun. Come try out a class!

Barbells for beginners

A program designed for beginners who are interested in learning the basics of weight training. From this program you can expect to increase your knowledge about proper form and technique of common resistance training exercises and feel comfortable using weights. Contact us about our 8-week program!

Intermediate Strength

Our program is designed for intermediate or advanced lifters who have completed our Barbells for Beginners program and are looking to continue to maintain and build optimal strength. Contact us about our 8-week program!

Youth Fit

A program created for ages 8-12 years that allow them to participate in fun, structured, physical activity. A series of obstacle courses, races and friendly competitions are all a part of the class to ensure movement. Contact us about our 8-week program!

Teen Fit

A program created for ages 13-16 years that teach teens how to properly perform and execute resistance training exercises and cardio based movements. For anyone who is looking to increase their physical activity levels in a fun, small group setting. Contact us about our 8-week program!

Kickboxing/ Self-Defense

A program that combines both martial arts and boxing style movements. Learn basic self-defense techniques while getting in a full body workout. Contact us about our 8-week program!

senior exercise

A program for ages 60+ who are looking to engage in some low-intensity, muscle strengthening and mobility exercise. We also incorporate some low-intensity cardiovascular and balance exercises. Contact us about our 8-week program!

Physical Activity Outreach Program

This program reaches out to schools in the community to encourage students in grades 7 & 8 to participate in fun, structured, physical activity. This program promotes being active, increases self-confidence and friendly competition between students. Contact us about our program!

Sport Specific Training

For any individual athlete or team looking to take their athletic abilities to the next level! As an athlete, in order to improve in your sport you must be training all aspects of sport such as endurance, explosiveness, strength, power, stability, mobility and flexibility. Contact us about our program!